ELETROWAVE: ELECTROWetting heat pipes for cooling Applications in electric Vehicles  

Funding detail

Total Budget: 98.5 k€
CEFT funding: 34.1 k€
Program: UTAustin-Portugal – 2017: Concurso para Projetos de Investigação Exploratória
Funded by: FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia
Coordination: João Mário Miranda

Short Description

Development of novel heat pipe technology for multiple, disruptive, energy-related applications is proposed. Heat pipes are widely used as passive devices to transport heat via phase change (evaporation followed by condensation) of the working fluid. However, the capacity of conventional heat pipes to transport high heat loads over long distances is very limited. The partner UT Austin recently conceptualized an electrowetting heat pipe (EHP) to transport high heat loads (kilowatts) over long distances (meters). This technology can enable disruptive advancements in many energy applications related to transportation, power generation, data center cooling and thermal management.

The proposed work includes the development of a new technology to enhance the performance of the EHP and considers an analysis of the benefits of an EHP for the thermal management of electric vehicles.