HYLANTIC: Rede Atlântica para a Geração e Fornecimento de H2 Renovável de alta eficiência energética 

Funding detail

Total Budget:   2 500 000,00 €
CEFT funding:     200 000,00 €
Funded by: European Comission
Coordination: Alexandra Pinto

Short Description

HYLANTIC aims to establish an excellent transnational network to advance the R&D, implementation and commercialization of hydrogen as an energy vector for future power generation in the Atlantic Area, thus providing energy efficient solutions to strategic sectors in the Atlantic region such as transport, marine, ultra-low energy building supply, and/or portable and stationary devices.

The project scope includes R&D of new materials and innovative technologies, combined with advanced simulation and optimization techniques for hydrogen generation  through renewable energy and local waste streams. Also included in the research programme are the design of safe STORAGE SYSTEMS and EFFICIENT and low cost ENERGY SYSTEMS through innovative fuel cell and H2 combustion engines and their implementation in prototypes. Environmentally friendly outputs will provide energy efficient solutions to strategic sectors in the Atlantic Region and benefit regional industries, thus generating positive socio-economic impact.