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Célio Fernandes

Célio Fernandes


Célio Fernandes obtained his Education of Mathematics degree from the University of Minho (Portugal), where he received the Engineer António de Almeida Award, prize for students with the best final graduation score. After graduating, C. Fernandes obtained his Applied Mathematics MSc degree at the University of Porto (Portugal). During this period, C. Fernandes has employed spectral methods to describe the melt flow which occurs in the polymer extrusion process. Afterwards, C. Fernandes joined the Department of Polymer and Composites at the University of Minho (Portugal) where he completed his Ph.D. degree in Science and Engineering of Polymers and Composites in December 2012. During this period, C. Fernandes made important contributions to the field of Injection Molding Process by applying multi-objective evolutionary algorithms to solve the inverse problem of finding the best injection molding parameters to achieve predefined criteria. During his post-doctoral studies, C. Fernandes has been working with the open-source computational fluid dynamics library OpenFOAM. He has established new numerical methods for the solution of viscoelastic matrix-based fluids using the finite volume method. He carried out research abroad at MIT/USA, UZAG/Croatia, CINECA/Italy, TXSU/USA and ICMC/Brazil.

Research interests

Mechanical Engineering; Mathematics; Numerical Methods; Multiphase Flows; Viscoelasticity.

Selected publications

  1. O. Ayar, C. Fernandes, L.L. Ferrás, M.A. Alves, Numerical simulations of suspensions of rigid spheres in shear-thinning viscoelastic fluids, Physics of Fluids, 35, 113327, 2023.
  2. C. Fernandes, S.A. Faroughi, Particle-level Simulation of Magnetorheological Fluids: A Fully-Resolved Solver, International Journal of Multiphase Flow, 169, 104604, 2023.
  3. C. Fernandes, A fully implicit log-conformation tensor coupled algorithm for the solution of incompressible non-isothermal viscoelastic flows, Polymers, 14, 4099, 2022.
  4. C. Fernandes, S.A. Faroughi, R. Ribeiro, A. Isabel, G.H. McKinley, Finite volume simulations of particle-laden viscoelastic fluid flows: Application to hydraulic fracture processes, Engineering with Computers, 38, 5395–5421, 2022.
  5. S.A. Faroughi, C. Fernandes, J.M. Nóbrega, G.H. McKinley, A closure model for the drag coefficient of a sphere translating in a viscoelastic fluid, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 277, 104218, 2020.
  6. C. Fernandes, S.A. Faroughi, O.S. Carneiro, J.M. Nóbrega, G.H. McKinley, Fully-resolved simulations of particle-laden viscoelastic fluids using an immersed boundary method, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 266, 80-94, 2019.
  7. C. Fernandes, D. Semyonov, L.L. Ferrás, J.M. Nóbrega, Validation of the CFD-DPM solver DPMFoam in OpenFOAM® through analytical, numerical and experimental comparisons, Granular Matter, 20, 1-18, 2018.
  8. M.S.B. Araujo, C. Fernandes, L.L. Ferrás, Ž. Tuković, H. Jasak, J.M. Nóbrega, A stable numerical implementation of integral viscoelastic models in the OpenFOAM® computational library, Computers & Fluids, 172, 728-740, 2018.
  9. C. Fernandes, M.S.B. Araujo, L.L. Ferrás, J.M. Nóbrega, Improved both sides diffusion (iBSD): A new and straightforward stabilization approach for viscoelastic fluid flows, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 249, 63-78, 2017.
  10. F. Habla, C. Fernandes, M. Maier, L. Densky, L.L. Ferrás, A. Rajkumar, O.S. Carneiro, O. Hinrichsen, J.M. Nóbrega, Development and validation of a model for the temperature distribution in the extrusion calibration stage, Applied Thermal Engineering, 100, 538-552, 2016.