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Luís Ferrás

Luís Ferrás


Luís L. Ferrás is currently affiliated with the Department of Mechanical Engineering, specifically within the Mathematics section, at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal. He completed his undergraduate studies in mathematics at the University of Aveiro in 2005, followed by a master’s degree in applied mathematics at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Porto, in 2007. Subsequently, he earned a PhD in Science and Engineering of Polymers and Composites from the University of Minho in 2012, and a second PhD in mathematics from the University of Chester (UK) in 2019. Throughout his career, he has held Post-Doctoral and Researcher positions at different institutions including the Center of Mathematics (CMAT) at the University of Minho (2017 – 2022), MIT-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2016-2017), and the Institute for Polymers and Composites (2015-2016).

Research interests

Development of new constitutive equations for modeling complex fluids, novel numerical methods tailored for viscoelastic models of fractional type, study of anomalous diffusion phenomena, and the application of machine learning techniques in conjunction with differential equations to formulate hybrid models.

Selected publications

  1. R.T. Leiva, L.L. Ferrás, A. Castelo, M.L. Morgado, M. Rebelo, J. Bertoco, A.M. Afonso. A generalisation of the integral Maxwell model: the gK-BKZ model—frame invariance and analytical solutions, Meccanica 59 363–384 2024.
  2. O. Ayar, C. Fernandes, L.L. Ferrás, M.A. Alves, Numerical simulations of suspensions of rigid spheres in shear-thinning viscoelastic fluids, Physics of Fluids 35 113327 2023.
  3. G.S. Paulo, C. Viezel, L.L. Ferrás, A robust finite difference method for confined and free surface flows with slip at the wall, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 321, 2023, 105127.
  4. L.L. Ferrás, M. Rebelo, M.L. Morgado. The role of the weight function in the generalised distributed-order Maxwell model: The case of a distributed-springpot and a dashpot, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 122, 2023, 844-860,
  5. J. Bertoco, A. Castelo, L.L. Ferrás, C. Fernandes, Numerical Simulation of Three-Dimensional Free Surface Flows Using the K–BKZ–PSM Integral Constitutive Equation. Polymers, 15(18), 3705 2023.
  6. L.L. Ferrás, M.L. Morgado, M. Rebelo. A generalised distributed‐order Maxwell model. Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences, 46(1), 368-387 2023.
  7. M.L. Morgado, M.S. Rebelo, L.L. Ferrás, Stable and Convergent Finite Difference Schemes on Nonuniform Time Meshes for Distributed-Order Diffusion Equations. Mathematics 9(16), 1975, 2021.
  8. L.L. Ferrás, N. Ford, M. Luísa, M. Rebelo, High-orders methods for Systems of Fractional Ordinary Differential Equations and their application to Time-Fractional Diffusion Equations, Mathematics in Computer Science 15, 535–551 2021.
  9. L.L. Ferrás, M. Luísa, M. Rebelo, G.H. Mckinley, A. Afonso, A generalized Phan-Thien – Tanner model, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 269 88-99 2019.
  10. M.L. Morgado, M. Rebelo, L.L. Ferrás, N.J. Ford, Numerical solution for diffusion equations with distributed order in time using a Chebyshev collocation method, Applied Numerical Mathematics 114 108–123 2017.