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Manuel Alves

Manuel Alves


Manuel Alves is an Associate Professor at University of Porto, Faculty of Engineering – Chemical Engineering Department.

Research Line: Fluids

Research interests

Computational and experimental rheology, Microfluidics, Biofluid rheology, Electrokinetics, Multiphase flows, Heat and mass transfer, Blockchain technology.

Selected publications

  1. F. Pimenta and M. Alves, Stabilization of an open-source finite-volume solver for viscoelastic fluid flows,Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 239 (pp. 85-104 (120), 2017.
  2. S.J. Haward, R.J. Poole, M.A. Alves, P.J. Oliveira, N. Goldenfeld and A.Q. Shen, Tricritical spiral vortex instability in cross-slot flow, Physical Review E, 031101 (3), 2016.
  3. F. Cruz, R. Poole, A. Afonso, F. Pinho, P. Oliveira and M.A. Alves, A new viscoelastic benchmark flow: Stationary bifurcation in a cross-slot, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 214 (pp. 57-68 (12), 2014.
  4. J. Zilz, C. Schaefer, C. Wagner, R.J. Poole, M.A. Alves and A. Lindner, Serpentine channels: micro-rheometers for fluid relaxation times, Lab on A Chip, 14 (2), pp. 351-358 (358), 2014.
  5. F.J. Galindo-Rosales, M.A. Alves and M.S.N. Oliveira, Microdevices for extensional rheometry of low viscosity elastic liquids: a review, Microfluidics and Nanofluidics, 14 (1), pp. 1-19, 2013.
  6. S.J. Haward, M.S.N. Oliveira, M.A. Alves and G.H. Mckinley, Optimized Cross-Slot Flow Geometry for Microfluidic Extensional Rheometry, Physical Review Letters, 128301 (12), 2012.
  7. J. Zilz, R. Poole, M. Alves, D. Bartolo, B. Levache and A. Lindner, Geometric scaling of a purely elastic flow instability in serpentine channels, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 712 (pp. 203-218 (216), 2012.
  8. R. Poole, M.A. Alves and P.J. Oliveira, Purely elastic flow asymmetries, Physical Review Letters, 164503 (16), 2007.
  9. M.A. Alves, P.J. Oliveira and F.T. Pinho, Benchmark solutions for the flow of Oldroyd-B and PTT fluids in planar contractions, Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 110 (1), pp. 45-75, 2003.
  10. M.A. Alves, P.J. Oliveira and F.T. Pinho, A convergent and universally bounded interpolation scheme for the treatment of advection, International Journal For Numerical Methods In Fluids, 41 (1), pp. 47-75, 2003.