I am Junior Researcher at CEFT center. My background is chemical engineering, with a PhD in the field of Fluid Mechanics by Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto. My PhD applied Fluid Mechanics and CFD (Ansys®) to the medical field, in particular in the development and validation of a tool for patient-specific blood flow analysis for better understanding and prevention of atherosclerosis. I was responsible for the manufacturing of patient-specific polymeric artificial arteries, by using real computer tomography data from hospital patients and reconstructing them in SolidWorks® software. The experimental validation of the CFD study allowed me to develop a deep knowledge in microfluidics, finding the best device to mimic the coronary artery environment for analyzing the blood flow.

In 2016, I joined the Thermal and Fluids R&D team at Efacec Power Solutions. My main responsibilities were modelling and understanding the cooling capacity in Power Transformers using CFD methodologies, and by analysis of the heat transfer effectiveness, conducting model validation activities using real scale transformers and scaled down models to improve their thermal performance.
In 2018, I joined ALTICE Labs as Thermal specialist engineer where my main responsibility was to minimize the total cost, weight and size of the components during the process of a PCB design using 3D CFD simulations and conducting experimental validation tests for several Altice products.

Throughout my professional career, I had the opportunity to work during all stages of product development, starting from the R&D phase, through the testing and optimization phases, supporting quality and certification processes and finally accompanying the production. My academic background and industry experience makes me a versatile and autonomous professional interacting with different subjects and projects with a particular focus in R&D and product development. If you are looking for partnerships in any of the above subjects, or other that my experience might be helpful, do not hesitate and contact me.

Research interests

Medical Engineering

Computational Fluids Dynamics



Selected publications

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