My research interests lie on the field of Rheometry, Smart Fluids and Microfluidics. I started to be interested in complex fluids since my Master Thesis, where I worked with aqueous clay suspensions. Then, I started my PhD Thesis, working in the rheological characterization of fumed silica in PPG. Afterwards, I kept on working in Rheology and Colloids since I joined to the Laboratory of Applied Rheology in the K.U. Leuven (Belgium) to study about the dispersion quality of fillers in nanocomposites.

Later on, I as a postdoctoral researcher at the Transport Phenomena Research Center (CEFT) in the University of Porto (Portugal), I had the opportunity of furthering my expertise towards Microfluidics and Rheometry. In 2013, I was awarded with one of the FCT Investigator starting grants to develop advanced energy absorbing composites based on natural cork, microfluidics and complex fluids.

If you are looking for a researcher to collaborate with on the topics mentioned above, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Research interests


Smart fluids



Selected publications

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