ENERGY > Electrolysis and Electrolysers

The energy production from Renewable Energy Sources (RES) is of special national interest and aligned with the H2020 strategy. The team is developing a Unitized Regenerative Fuel Cell (URFC), capable of operate either on Fuel cell or Electrolyser mode which can be used as backup system for RES. Main tasks under development:

  1. Numerical simulation of degradation and ageing mechanisms of electrolyser materials;
  2. Construction of station to test the PEM electrolyser and the URFC prototype;
  3. Development of a 1D+3D PEM electrolyser model;
  4. Set-up conditions enabling a stable operation in an extended range for PEM electrolyser and URFC prototype;
  5. Optimize PEM electrolyser and URFC prototypes using both commercially available and materials provided by collaborating partners.

The research is mainly established under the scope of the national collaborative project UNIRCELL (