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Diogo Santos

Diogo Santos


Diogo Santos finished is PhD degree on Chemical and Biological Engineering in 2019 from the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto (FEUP), working on the preparation and characterization of structured catalysts for the removal of organic compounds from liquid and gaseous streams. Afterwards, he started working in the area of sustainable energy, mostly in the development and testing of fuel cells and electrolyzers.

Throughout is career, Diogo participated in several national and international projects. Currently, he is a PhD researcher at the Transport Phenomena Research Centre (CEFT) mainly working on the development of a completely operational fuel cell system to be used as an energy source of an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Research interests

Development and characterization of structured catalysts; Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs); MEA preparation; PEM fuel cells; PEM electrolysis.

Selected publications

  1. Diogo F.M. Santos, Olívia S.G.P. Soares, Adrián M.T. Silva, José L. Figueiredo, Manuel F.R. Pereira, Catalytic wet oxidation of organic compounds over N-doped carbon nanotubes in batch and continuous operation, Applied Catallysis B: Environmental 199 (2016) 361-371.
  2. R.P. Rocha, D.F.M. Santos, O.S.M.P. Soares, A.M.T. Silva, M.F.R. Pereira, J.L. Figueiredo, Metal- Free Catalytic Wet Oxidation: From Powder to Structured Catalyst Using N-Doped Carbon Nanotubes, Topics in Catalysis, 61 (2018) 1957-1966.
  3. D.F.M. Santos, O.S.G.P. Soares, J.L. Figueiredo, M.F.R. Pereira, Optimization of the preparation conditions of cordierite honeycomb monoliths washcoated with cryptomelane-type manganese oxide for VOC oxidation, Environmental Technology, (2019) 1-12.
  4. D.F.M. Santos, O.S.G.P. Soares, J.L. Figueiredo, M.F.R. Pereira, Effect of ball milling on the catalytic activity of cryptomelane for VOC oxidation, Environmental Technology (United Kingdom), 41 (2020) 117-130.
  5. D.F.M. Santos, O.S.G.P. Soares, J.L. Figueiredo, O. Sanz, M. Montes, M.F.R. Pereira, Preparation of ceramic and metallic monoliths coated with cryptomelane as catalysts for VOC abatement, Chemical Engineering Journal, 382 (2020) 122923.
  6. Santos, D.F.M.; Soares, O.S.G.P.; Silva, A.M.T.; Figueiredo, J.L.; Pereira, M.F.R.."Degradation and mineralization of oxalic acid using catalytic wet oxidation over carbon coated ceramic monoliths". Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 94 (2021).
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  9. Ferreira, R. B.; Santos, D. F. M.; Pinto, A. M. F. R.; Falcão, D. S. Development and testing of a PEM fuel cell stack envisioning unmanned aerial vehicles applications. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 2023.