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João Carneiro

João Leite Carneiro


João Carneiro completed his PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of Porto (2015-2019), where he deepened his expertise in biomechanics and biomedical engineering. Prior to his doctorate, he obtained a degree in Biology (2008) and a Masters in Biomedical Engineering (2010) at the University of Porto. As a researcher, he was deeply involved in two significant grant scholarship projects co-financed by FCT and FEDER at the Transport Phenomena Research Center (CEFT), collaborating on the experimental and computational (CFD) hemodynamic of patient specific arteries and the rheological study of whole blood (2011-2015).

The researcher's PhD journey was marked by the development of "Polydimethylsiloxane Microparticle Synthesis for a Novel Blood Analogue Suspension" using a multiphase flow microfluidic platform. This research was funded by a PhD FCT grant and focused on the development of a blood analogue suspension mimicking the mechanical properties of red blood cells.

Afterwards, as a Junior Researcher, he continued the study of novel materials for mimicking red blood cells by collaborating with a PhD student. Additionally, he is collaborating in the crystallization of therapeutic proteins via droplet microfluidics and in the development of transparent suspensions suitable for imaging techniques.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, João Carneiro also collaborated as a CFD consultant with Simoldes Group and LABORIAL, SA in the flow optimization of medical staff's COVID-19 protection masks and emergency tents, respectively. More recently, he has supervised bachelors and master thesis students on the topic of droplet microfluidics for biomedical applications.

The researcher´s multidisciplinary background, from biomedical to mechanical engineering, has culminated in the publication of 14 research papers (6 as first author, 8 as co-author). If you are looking for a collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Research interests

Biomimetic Suspensions, Microfluidics, Multiphase Flow, Rheology, Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Selected publications

  1. J. Carneiro, J. Ferreira, E. Doutel, J. Miranda, J. Campos (2023), “Novel-PDMS based transparent suspensions suitable for fluid flow characterization by optical techniques”. Chemical Engineering Science 280, 119092 (2023).
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