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Jorge Malaquias

Jorge Malaquias


André Fonseca Malaquias obtained his PhD in 2021 at the University of Porto Transport Phenomena Research Centre (CEFT). During such, he was concerned with analyzing the possibility of integrating phase change materials in fire protective clothing, developing his skills in heat and mass transfer in hygroscopic porous media. During that time, he was also involved in the DIF- Jacket project where his works served as a basis for the design of an innovative firefighting jacket (

Currently, he works as a junior researcher at CEFT investigating further aspects regarding the heat and mass transport in textiles as well as human body thermoregulation. Malaquias has published papers in top Journals that have had a significant impact on the scientific community.

Research interests

Heat and mass transfer, hygroscopic porous media, thermoregulation, firefighters, textile performance

Selected publications

  1. Fonseca, A., Mayor, T. S., & Campos, J. B. L. M. (2018). Guidelines for the specification of a PCM layer in firefighting protective clothing ensembles. Applied Thermal Engineering, 133, 81–96.
  2. Fonseca, A., Neves, S. F., & Campos, J. B. L. M. (2020). Thermal performance of a PCM firefighting suit considering transient periods of fire exposure, post – fire exposure and resting phases. Applied Thermal Engineering, 182, 115769.
  3. Malaquias, A. F., Neves, S. F., & Campos, J. B. L. M. (2022). The impact of water on firefighter protective clothing thermal performance and steam burn occurrence in firefighters. Fire Safety Journal, 127.
  4. Malaquias, A. F., Neves, S. F., & Campos, J. B. L. M. (2023). Incorporation of phase change materials in fire protective clothing considering the presence of water. International Journal of Thermal Sciences, 183, 107870.
  5. Malaquias, A. F., & Campos, J. B. L. M. (2024). Sudden water exposure on geared firefighters may cause unexpected burns in post-fire periods. Thermal Science and Engineering Progress, 49, 102452.