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Tiago Sotto Mayor

Tiago Sotto Mayor


Tiago Sotto Mayor is Principle Investigator at the Engineering Faculty of Porto University. He is the founder and head of SIMTECH, a research group in the Transport Phenomena Research Centre, focussing on the modelling and simulation of transport processes in materials, products and systems. With expertise in fluid mechanics, microfluidics, numerical simulation, optimisation of transport processes, and thermal physiology, he has been a partner in six industry-driven national projects, three FP7 projects, and partner or coordinator in four H2020 projects, which have attracted >€19 millions in funding, €3 millions of which to the entities he represents.

He has supervised >17 Master and 3 PhD theses, 2 of which currently ongoing, and has authored >65 scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Since 2016, he serves as evaluator of funding proposals for the European Commission and several national science foundations (e.g. Switzerland, Latvia, Croatia).

Research interests

Fluid mechanics, Microfluidics, Optimization, Transport Processes, Thermal Physiology

Selected publications

  1. M Mattera, A T Ngo, J P Vale, C Franco, S Sevim, M Guix, R Matheu, T S Mayor, S Pane, J Puigmarti-Luis (2024), Large-scale and rapid processing of 3D COFs via 3D-controlled reaction-diffusion zones, Accepted in Chemistry of Materials, DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.3c02853
  2. J P Vale, A Sekkat, S Sevim, E Mavromanolaki, A D Flouris, S Pané, D M Rojas, J Puigmartí-Luis, T S Mayor (2023), Can we rationally design and operate spatial atomic layer deposition systems for steering the growth regime of thin films?, Journal of Physical Chemistry C. DOI: 10.1021/acs.jpcc.3c02262
  3. Y Xia, S Sevim, J P Vale, D R San-Miguel, S Pané, J Seibel, T S Mayor, S De Feyter and J Puigmartí-Luis (2022), Covalent transfer of chemical gradients onto a graphene-based material with 2D and 3D control, Nature Communications, 13, 7006.
  4. S Sevim, A Sorrenti, J P Vale, Z El-Hachemi, S Pané, A D Flouris, T S Mayor, J Puigmartí-Luis (2022), Chirality transfer from a 3D macro shape to the molecular level by controlling asymmetric secondary flows, Nature Communications, 13, 1766.
  5. N Contreras-Pereda, D Rodríguez-San-Miguel, C Franco, S Sevim, J Vale, E Solano, W-K Fong, A Del Giudice, L Galantini, R Pfattner, S Pané, T S Mayor, D Ruiz-Molina, J Puigmartí-Luis (2021), Synthesis of 2D porous crystalline materials in simulated microgravity, Advanced Materials, 2101777. Journal Front Cover (
  6. J P Vale, P G Alves, S F Neves, L Nybo, A D Flouris, T S Mayor (2021), Analysis of the dynamic air conditioning loads, fuel consumption and emissions of heavy-duty trucks with different glazing and paint optical properties, International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, 1-14.
  7. A Fonseca, T S Mayor, J B L M Campos (2018), Guidelines for the specification of a PCM layer in Firefighting Protective Clothing Assemblies, Applied Thermal Engineering, 133, 81–96.
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