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José Daniel Araújo

José Daniel Araújo


José Daniel Araújo is currently an Assistant Researcher at the Transport Phenomena Research Center (CEFT). After working 4 years in industrial environment (wastewater treatment field), he finished his PhD on Chemical and Biological Engineering at FEUP in 2008. The PhD work involved the design, operation and modelling of a pilot scale setup based on a continuous structured packing bubble column reactor for vanillin production from lignin oxidation.

Since then, he developed important skills on computational fluid dynamics (CFD) with a strong multidisciplinary perspective, i.e., involving fields like multiphase flow in conventional tubes and micro-channels, mass transfer, reactor engineering, synergies with 3D printing and bioengineering applications. The major highlights of this professional career are: 1) post-doc in a national project (funded by FCT); 2) post-doc fellow from FCT; 3) post-doc in an EU project involving close collaboration with institutions/companies such as SINTEF, Linde, Arkema and Johnson Matthey; 4) Expert evaluator in 5 calls from REA – European Commission; 5) Invited Assistant Professor at FEUP (2014/2015); 6) Assistant researcher at CEFT with teaching duties (in Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer subjects); 7) Guest editor of 2 special issues of international journals; 8) Member of the organizing committee of 1 international conference.

The scientific track record is summarized by: 1) 27 papers in ISI journals; 2) 1132 citations; 3) H-index of 14; 4) 1 book chapter; 5) PI of 1 national project (funded by FCT) and researcher in 6 projects (from which 1 European and 1 in cooperation with industry); 6) supervision of 4 PhD theses (three ongoing) and 6 MSc theses.

Research interests

CFD / multiphase flow / reactor engineering / 3D printing / heat and mass transfer

Selected publications

  1. "3D numerical study of a single Taylor bubble rising along an inclined tube through Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids", Silva, M.C.F.; Campos, J.B.L.M.; Araújo, J.D.P., Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification, 2023, 183, 109219.
  2. "Effect of Manufacturing Techniques in Pressure Drop on Triple Periodical Minimal Surface Packings", Zimmer, A.; Araújo, José D.P.; Andreassen, K.A.; Grande, C.A., Chemie Ingenieur Technik, 2021, 93 (6), 967-973.
  3. “Review on Microbubbles and Microdroplets Flowing through Microfluidic Geometrical Elements", Cerdeira, Ana T.S.; Campos, João B.L.M.; Miranda, João M.; Araújo, José D.P., Micromachines, 2020, 11 (2), 201.
  4. "Continuous Production of Squalane Using 3D Printed Catalytic Supports", García, Sonia; Poulston, Stephen; Modeshia, Deena; Stavarek, Petr; Ujcic, Massimo; Lali, Farzad; Alves, Manuel A.; Araújo, José D.; Krusche, Michael; Ullrich, Frank; Maier, Diana, Johnson Matthey Technology Review, 2019, 63 (3), 191-204.
  5. “Taylor bubbles rising through flowing non-Newtonian inelastic fluids”, Araújo, J.D.P.; Miranda, J.M.; Campos, J.B.L.M., Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics, 2017, 245, 49-66.
  6. “CFD studies coupling hydrodynamics and solid-liquid mass transfer in slug flow for matter removal from tube walls”, Silva, M.C.F.; Araújo, J.D.P.; Campos, J.B.L.M., AIChE Journal, 2017, 63, 2420-2439.
  7. “The effects of surface properties on Escherichia coli adhesion are modulated by shear stress”, Moreira, J.M.R.; Araújo, J.D.P.; Miranda, J.M.; Simões, M.; Melo, L.F.; Mergulhão, F.J., Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces, 2014, 123, 1-7.
  8. “Simulation of slug flow systems under laminar regime: hydrodynamics with individual and a pair of consecutive Taylor bubbles”, Araújo, J.D.P.; Miranda, J.M.; Campos, J.B.L.M., Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering, 2013, 111, 1-14.
  9. “Wide-ranging survey on the laminar flow of individual Taylor bubbles rising through stagnant Newtonian liquids”, Araújo, J.D.P.; Miranda, J.M.; Pinto, A.M.F.R.; Campos, J.B.L.M., International Journal of Multiphase Flow, 2012, 43, 131-148.
  10. “Vanillin production from lignin oxidation in a batch reactor”, Araújo, J.D.P.; Grande, C.A.; Rodrigues, A.E., Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 2010, 88 (8A), 1024-10

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