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PhD Defense by Ângela Ribau

On May 10th, Ângela Margarida Vergas Ribau, a member of CEFT (subgroup of Complex Fluids), successfully defended her PhD thesis titled “Theoretical and numerical studies of viscoelastic fluid flows” under the supervision of professors Alexandre M. Afonso, Fernando T. Pinho and Manuel M. Alves. The defence went down at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Porto and was attended by friends, professors, and family.

Ângela Margarida Vergas Ribau’s research focused on semi-analytical solutions for Couette-

Poiseuille flows (with no-slip and with asymmetric slip) for electro-osmotic flow in microchannels of viscoelastic fluids and in annular flows. The derived solutions allow a better understanding of how a fluid described by this model behaves with the considered flows.

Congratulations, Ângela!