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PhD Defense by Catarina Moreira

On the 20th of May, Catarina de Sousa Moreira, a member of the CEFT (subgroup of Energy), successfully defended her doctoral thesis entitled “Miniaturisation of a passive Direct Methanol Fuel Cell: design and performance studies” under the supervision of Doctor Vânia Oliveira and Professor Alexandra Pinto. The defence was held at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto and it was nice to see peers, faculty members, and family in attendance.

Catarina Moreira’s thesis research focused on the development of a mini passive direct methanol fuel cell to supply low-power devices such as hearing aids. This work made it possible to reduce the size of a passive DMFC, without compromising the performance of the cell and even improving it, thus contributing to an important advance in the implementation of this technology in small portable applications.

Congratulations, Catarina!