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Engaging the firefighter community in the research and development process

Throughout the three-year DIF-Jacket project, several types of initiatives and tailored events were specifically designed to engage with firefighters. The multidisciplinary project DIF-Jacket: Development of an Innovative Firefighter Jacket, was coordinated by CEFT (Soraia Ferreira Neves), in close collaboration with the partner organizations CeNTI – Center for Nanotechnology and Technical, Functional, and Intelligent Materials, CITEVE – Technological Center of Textile and Clothing Industries of Portugal, and with the special participation of ENB – National School of Firefighters.

Several CEFT members organized and participated in multiple events, including three seminars and one RoadShow across 13 Portuguese regions. These events provided platforms for direct interaction with firefighters, fostering their involvement in the research and development process. Through these initiatives, firefighters had the opportunity to contribute insights and preferences, shaping the evolution of the vest design. In addition to physical events, webinars were conducted to delve into technical aspects of the project. Discussions focused on heat and mass transfer within firefighters’ multilayer garments, offering practical insights for the optimization of protective gear. These webinars served as platforms for sharing knowledge and facilitating dialogue between researchers and end-users.

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